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patterns and castings

Whether you need an impeller or volute casting service, our Foundry specialists can produce castings from your patterns or create patterns for you that perfectly match your specifications at every step of the way. All patterns are stored at Illini Foundry in fire-resistant storage areas.

In addition to regular casting for leading pump manufacturers and a variety of industries, IFC offers castings for a wide range of products, including:

Illini Foundry Company specializes in prototype and short run casting orders. Our casting production system is designed to ensure operational efficiency and provide just-in-time solutions for different casting needs.

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Crafted and cast to your exact specs

Quality at Illini Foundry is a blend of experience, hard work, craftsmanship, and technology. It is a never-ending process with every part we produce, from raw to finished castings.

All Foundry professionals are well-trained to continuously monitor the casting process and ensure that quality standards are met through every phase of production. Our team matches or exceeds every customer’s specifications every time, no matter whether you need one piece or 500.

Machining & Finishing services

With a sister company next door that specializes in the machining of aluminum, copper, bronze, and many other alloys, we are able to offer extensive primary and secondary machining and finishing services.

This 45,000 sq.ft. fully equipped machining, fabrication, and assembly facility save our customers time and money on secondary operations.

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